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Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Enforce Sculpting Glaze creates body and lift while providing long-lasting hold. Mold, sculpt and shape hair. Water soluble formula. Scruples Pearlscriptives Enforce Sculpting Glaze 2% VOC creates body and lift with extra firm hold. It shapes, molds and forms hair and withstands moisture, humidity and wind. Protective Barrier Complex. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Twisted Curl Defining Creme defrizzes for conditioned curls. Controls and manages unruly hair. Defines and enhances curls. Dries without stiffness.
Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Pearl Finish Humectant Pomade is a non-greasy formula that adds incredible shine. Contains reflective mica. Creates a beautiful, radiant finish. Adds definition and separation. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Dual Design Gel/Wax is a unique dual purpose styling tool. It's a gel on wet hair. It's a wax on dry hair. Creates volume and separation while providing a high shine. Gain complete control of your hair with Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Silk Control Blow Dry Elixir. It adds body and control. Smoothes and seals cuticle while adding shine. It creates healthy, silky hair.
Scruples Pearlscriptives Smooth Out Straightening Gel smoothes unwanted curls and tames frizzes. An antistatic thickening agent eliminates cuticle lift and frizziness. It holds hair in a smooth, sleek position without adding weight and promotes moisture, balance, and manageability. Scruples Pearlscriptives Direct Volume Spray Foam (formerly 02 Direct Volume Spray Foam) Helps add fullness, body and SHINE directly where it is needed. Hair feels and looks thicker. Extra firm hold. Volumizes and helps add fullness and body directly where it is needed. Hair feels thick and manageable and is loaded with shine. Pearl Finish Shine Pomade has soft, flexible styling memory. It can be used to shape hair, control frizz or create a glossy finish. - Contains ultra reflective mica to give hair beautiful - Humectant formula moisturizes hair and washes away easily - Flexible styling hold helps shape hair - Controls frizz and creates glossy shine
Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Enforce Working & Finishing Hair Spray adds volume, control and hold. Use spray for working, styling and finishing. Great in wet or dry hair. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Direct Volume Root Lifter adds volume where you need it. Delivers unbelievable body and shine. Provides extreme hold. It makes hair feel thick, full and manageable. - Apply evenly throughout towel-dried hair or spray directly to root area where volume is desired - Proceed with blow drying or allow to dry naturally Scruples Heat Up Styling & Finishing Thermal Spray allows you to straighten, curl or blow-dry your locks without damaging the hair. The newest addition to the Scruples Pearl Prescriptives line, Heat Up brings thermal protection to the collection designed with your custom hair care needs in mind. Go ahead and turn up the heat. Heat Up's heat-activated formula protects hair from the environment and heated styling tools while delivering maximum style retention, volume, and incredible shine. Simply spray into damp or dry hair and style with any heated tool. For long-lasting hold, Heat Up can be used as a final finish. Heat Up is wind, moisture, and humidity resistant. Keep your style looking hot with Heat Up!
Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Creme Parfait Volumizing Foam delivers incredible volume, control and shine. The rich, weightless foam is a great styling base. Alcohol free formula. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Heat Up Styling & Finishing Thermal Spray protects hair from thermal styling damage. Delivers control and hold while adding texture. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Smooth Out Straightening Gel controls unruly curls. Smoothes and tames frizz. Conditions and protects hair. Adds incredible shine.
Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Platinum Shine Toning Shampoo has a gentle, sulfate-free formula. Shampoo neutralizes warm/brassy tones in brown, blonde and gray hair. It has a deep purple toning base. Scruples Pearlscriptives Rock Hard Finishing Spray 55% VOV is the perfect finishing spray. With a quick dry formula, this finishing spray delivers extra firm hold that never leaves hair sticky or tacky. Scruples Pearlscriptives Twisted Curl Defining Creme combines conditioning and styling agents to protect, control, define, and enhance curl. It produces frizz-free, springy curls without feeling stiff or crunchy.
Scruples Pearlscriptives Creme Parfait Mousse 6% VOC is an ultra thick alcohol free mousse that provides volume, texture, control and definition. Mousse contains silicone conditioners that deliver incredible shine. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Hypershine Repair Spray helps repair and leaves hair looking healthy. Smoothes and seals when used with heated tools. Contains conditioning argan oil. Adds shine. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection High Definition Hair Spray 55% is a dry shaping and finishing spray. It delivers volume, control and shine. Never wet or tacky. Water soluble formula.
Scruples White Tea Leave-In Miracle Foam Conditioner miraculously helps restore and repair hair. It creates an abundance of body and fullness, making hair incredibly manageable. This leave-in miracle foam conditioner is a virtual moisturizing lotion for hair by giving a luxurious condition, radiance, and shine. It also gives thermal protection by shielding hair from styling stress. Scruples White Tea Leave-In Miracle Foam Conditioner is intensely concentrated with nourishing ingredients. A small amount of this product goes a long way. Scruples White Tea Leave-In Miracle Foam Conditioner works remarkably as a pre-wrap. This product conditions and protects hair prior to a chemical service. Scruples White Tea Embrace Luxury Hold Hair Spray is a color protecting firm hold hair spray. To embrace is to hold. White Tea Embrace Luxury Hold Hair Spray delivers a wealth of color protection, control, volume, and hold. The fine mist goes on dry for easy working, shaping, and styling. Spray generously for a firm, all day hug. Embrace your hair in security � protect your investment! Scruples Pearlscriptives Hypershine Repair Spray 55% VOC creates unbelievably reflective hair. Hypershine smoothes and seals hair when used with heated styling tools, leaving it silky, shiny and healthy.
Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Rock Hard Finishing Spray 55% is a long lasting finishing spray. It has a quick dry formula to give an all day hold. Water soluble. Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Soothing Polish Conditioning Serum detangles and adds shine. Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy. It has a lightweight formula. A great styling base. Outshine the competition with Scruples� NEW Pearlscriptives Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo, a shampoo that maintains blonde and gray hair with a violet colorant that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones to keep hair looking cool, bright and healthy. Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo�s sulfate-free formula is enriched with chamomile extract to restore shine and enhance light hair. It also contains sea kelp extract, which is rich in vitamin A and B-complex vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair. Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo contains Scruples� Protective Barrier Complex (PBX�), an essential blend of ingredients designed to condition and protect hair against environmental damage.
Scruples Pearlscriptives High Definition Shaping Spray 55% LVOC is an extra dry aerosol spray that is great for working, shaping and finishing. It provides ultimate lift, volume, control, hold and shine, without ever leaving hair feeling tacky. High Definition Shaping Spray 55% LVOC is completely water soluble. A Style Primer! The New Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Blow Dry Spray saves you time and provides protection when styling. Meet the latest addition to the Pearl Classic Collection line. Similar to priming the skin before applying makeup, the Blow Dry Spray is used as a style primer for hair. This kind of product is applied before other styling and or finishing products to help reduce blow dry time as well as protect hair from thermal styling damage. Best of all, this product is perfect for all hair types and can be used on almost every client.