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WHAT IT ISZinc, Camphor and Sulfur camouflaging spot treatment for oily, blemished, and Acne Prone Skin.WHAT IT DOESDestroy's Zits��Zit Treatment. Lightly tinted formula provides subtle coverage.WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT ISGet your glow back with INTOXICATION, our super caffeine charged cleanser, exfoliator, brightener, tightener and mask.WHAT IT DOESFor all skin types. Infused with caffeine, this powerful product is five kinds of clean in one little step. Tightens, rejuvenates and makes puffiness a thing of the past. Includes jojoba beads for soft exfoliation, papaya enzymes for a gentle peel, glycerin for hydration, kaolin clay for oil absorption, and salicylic acid for skin brightening. Wait theres more! Grapefruit and peppermint oils cool and calm. Now thats clean! Completely free of parabens, sulfates, DEA and TEA. WHAT IT IS20% Glycolic AcidWHAT IT DOESGLYCOLIC ACID is a natural acid extracted from sugar cane. It is odorless and a mild irritant to the skin and mucous membranes. The most powerful of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The molecular structure enables the product to penetrate deeper and more quickly into the skin. Consistent use of this Glycolic Acid will reduce the appearance of aging lines, scarring, acne and discoloration of the skin. It also aids in fading sun damage
WHAT IT ISFirming Eye LotionWHAT IT DOESFor All Skin Types. It soothes, firms, and tones the tissue of the eye area.WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOWThis product contains natural moisturizers and free radical scavengers that enhance collagen and elastin formation and diminishes fine lines.  Use with Caffeine Blast to help boost tired puffy eyes! Also aids in smoothing fine lines around the lips. WHAT IT ISCaffeine Eye Gel to tighten, relieve puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.WHAT IT DOESCombines powerful antioxidants and CAFFEINE to stimulate circulation. De- puff, tighten and diminishing dark circles around the eye area.WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOWStimulates eye tissue circulation with cooling and healing properties. You will feel the tingle and see results! WHAT IT ISCooling, healing gel masque. Great for all skin types.WHAT IT DOESA cooling calming and healing gel masque that is exceptionally effective for post peel, microdermabrasion and facial hair removal. Cools and begins the healing process of sunburns and any other skin irritations. Exceptionally effective after exfoliation and various other treatments.
WHAT IT ISThis Kit contains every product and tool you need to conduct professional peel services with Professional strength natural fruit acid. (33% Glycolic Acid)  Green Stuff 16oz Tune Way Up 33 4oz Sunshield-SPF30 4oz 2 Treatment Hats 1 Pair of Latex Gloves 2 Cellulose Facial Sponges 1 Instructional DVD