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Philosophy vanilla birthday cake - 16 oz
: $16.00
Sale Price: $14.50
Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Fast Fixx Style Prep lets you Prep It: Perfectly primed hair is essential for the finest straight styles. Antioxidant-enriched leave-in conditioner initiates the smoothing process by detangling, hydrating and sealing the cuticle. Experience an instant balance of moisture with added colour-retention and strength. What it is: Sunflower seed and castor oil are just a few of the special ingredients that make up Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel. Part of the popular 3-in-1 line of cleansers which can be utilized as a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. The sweet scent of vanilla birthday cake batter is like a party in a bottle with its sugary, sweet fragrance. What it does: It will feel like your birthday every day with Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake A rich shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo the gentle lather leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and silky. Key Features/Benefits: Vanilla cake batter scent. Sunflower seed and castor oil. Exotic Green Tea & Asian Pear Exfoliating Herbal Cleansing Mud and Body Mask is enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil and kaolin clay and infused with a revitalizing blend of essential extracts, vitamins and skin enhancing properties to awaken, balance and help maintain healthy, youthful skin.
AminoGenesis DermaScyne Gone in Sixty Seconds Instant Wrinkle EraserGive us 15 seconds and we will give you 15 years! Gone In 60 Seconds is a powerful formula that activates on contact to visibly erase fine lines and deep wrinkles in just seconds What it is: A foaming facial cleansing gel and eye makeup remover. What it is formulated to do: This foaming makeup remover provides all the benefits of Philosophy's award-winning Purity Made Simple cleanser in a formula for those who love a fresh-foaming deep clean. Formulated with mild cleansing agents, it creates a fresh, lightweight foam as you lather, effectively removing dirt, oil, impurities, and all traces of makeup—even eye makeup. Gentle face scrub removes dead surface cells with exfoliating action. Stimulates cell renewal while purifying skin, leaving it smooth and clear. The Osmoter improves skin's moisture level, leaving it clarified and hydrated.
Pharmagel Lip Recovery 0.5oz
: $22.25
Sale Price: $22.25
Quick drying masque for all skin types showing signs of stress, fatigue and dullness. Formulated to work with the repair and renewal cycle of the skin. This protective moisture treatment with anti-aging peptides intensely hydrates and reduces signs of premature aging. It lessens wrinkles by helping to increase cellular turnover and to stimulate collagen and elastin for firmer and smoother texture. Lip Recovery repairs skin around the lip area while diminishing the appearance of vertical lines. It offers full spectrum protection from environmental damage and is an ideal base for lipstick and gloss. Lip Recovery is free of parabens and sulfates. It contains natural botanicals, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Palm conditioners and Vitamins to reduce and prevent wrinkles. What it is: A soothing and hydrating balm that provides instant relief and protection to distressed skin. What it is formulated to do: This product's rich, emollient ingredients enhance skin's own natural repair process. With the help of powerful, skin-soothing natural actives, including Manuka honey, tamanu Polynesian oil, and evening primrose, this product provides immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Phthalates - Triclosan What else you need to know: This intensive formula contains the M3 Complex, a blend of high performance moisturizers that infuse skin to instantly reduce inflammation and soothe environmental stresses within five minutes.
Clarisonic Detoxifying Clay Mask 2oz
: $27.00
Sale Price: $25.25
Bioelements Creme Therapy 2.5oz
: $29.00
Sale Price: $26.00
Details & CareTake Jack Black on the go with this skincare and shaving set, free from parabens, sulfates, colorants and synthetic fragrance.Set includes:- Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (3 oz.).- Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather (3 oz.).- Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 (1.5 oz.). What it is: A creamy, non-drying natural mineral- and botanical-based treatment mask gently removes impurities from pores to reveal smoother, softer-looking skin. What it is formulated to do: Detoxify. Purify. Refine. Combined with the absorbing power of kaolin and bentonite clays and hydroxy acids, this detoxifying mask helps exfoliate dead skin cells and rid the pores of harmful, pore-clogging toxins. Aloe and chamomile help soothe, protect, and soften the skin. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates CremeTherapy is a deeply moisturizing mask that delivers essential hydration to the cells, easing dryness and environmental dehydration in the skin. With a super-creamy texture that melts into the skin, this 10 minute mask leaves skin feeling soft and smooth while filling in surface lines. Free of artificial colors and fragrances that can irritate dry skin.
AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask 3.4oz
: $30.00
Sale Price: $26.80
A cream-textured hydrating mask is enriched with the best Dead Sea minerals, mud, shea butter and a fine selection of powerful moisturizing ingredients for an active hydration boost in just three minutes. Instantly restores moisture providing a smooth, plump and supple complexion. Revive and replenish your skin in just 15 simple minutes with Miracle Revival Mud skin restoring treatment mask. Formulated with bioactive silts sourced from European spring-fed lakes, the mask works to target age spots while reducing the appearance of fine lines through natural collagen stimulation. Active extracts of healing Rose, Lecithin and Vitamins E and F replenish moisture levels, whilst gently purifying the skin. This rich, aromatic cleansing milk, helps restore the youthful bloom to dehydrated and mature skin.
Eve Lom 'Dynaspot' Treatment 0.3oz
: $34.00
Sale Price: $28.50
What it is: An oil-free, skin-refining exfoliating cleanser that imparts luminous, glowing skin. What it is formulated to do: This skin-renewing essential features a gentle form of glycolic acid, which cleanses and exfoliates to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It delicately removes dead skin cells and smoothes out rough texture, leaving skin refined and revitalized. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan Dynaspot's unique, advanced formula of the naturally antiseptic tea tree oil, soothing fennel and chamomile as well as a carefully balanced amount of salicylic acid eliminates spots quickly without drying the skin with zinc oxide and yarrow to help control sebum production. Developed after years of research, the fast-healing formula can be applied under or over makeup. How to use: After cleansing, dab a small amount onto the blemish and allow to dry. When using under makeup, allow Dynaspot to dry before gently brushing away any excess product. Apply as often as needed. Use under EVE LOM Rescue Mask to increase efficacy of active ingredients. Powered by energizing Dead Sea mud and the Osmoter, this invigorating mask penetrates deeply to draw out impurities and purifies skin for a more even complexion. Benefits: - Soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with the benefits of horsetail extract. - Jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes.
Pharmagel DN-24 Hydracreme Treatment 2oz
: $30.00
Sale Price: $30.00
A cream that intensely moisturizes dehydrated and sensitive skin. What it is formulated to do: This natural formula deeply hydrates all skin types, even the hypersensitive ones. It instantly moisturizes, softens and soothes. Super charged day/night 24 hour moisturizer containing 25,000 i.u. of Vitamin A and Vitamins C,B,D and E. Rehydrates and re-energizes as it reprograms skin to resist environmental stresses and skin aging. A treatment with an active acne inhibitor to reduce the number and severity of acne blemishes. Controls and treats acne Decongests pores Helps prevent new blemishes.
Bioelements Gel Therapy 2.5oz
: $34.00
Sale Price: $32.00
Formulated with soothing botanical extracts, Bioelements Gel Therapy is a moisturizing mask treatment that refreshed dehydrated skin, providing optimal comfort. In just 10 minutes, this mask provides lasting hydration while easing stress in the skin, leaving the complexion calm and balanced. Ideal for all skin types, Gel Therapy leaves the skin looking healthy and vibrant while diminishing fine lines caused by dryness. WHAT IT ISZinc, Camphor and Sulfur camouflaging spot treatment for oily, blemished, and Acne Prone Skin.WHAT IT DOESDestroy's Zits��Zit Treatment. Lightly tinted formula provides subtle coverage.WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW A ten-minute mask that offers an immediate radiance boost and a new-skin effect. What it is formulated to do: This creamy facial provides a fast-acting flash effect: it exfoliates skin, tightens pores, reduces sebum, and renews skin's texture in just ten minutes. Ideal for all skin types, its innovative combination of stimulating, nourishing, and ultra-soothing active ingredients renders the complexion fresh, even, and luminous.
CAUDALIE Moisturizing Cream Mask 1.7oz
: $40.00
Sale Price: $35.25
What it is: A skin-clearing masque that banishes blemishes and unclogs pores for a flawless complexion. What it is formulated to do: Eucalyptus, sulfur, and purified clay make this mask an ideal cleansing ritual for those who prefer an aromatic, medicated option. Great for cleansing oily skin and the troublesome T-zone, this formula clears blemishes and helps prevent their return, while the addition of aloe means skin is left soft and not overly dry. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Synthetic Dye - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan A rich cream mask that moisturizes the skin and improves the complexion. What it is formulated to do: Revel in this luxurious cream mask that seals and soothes even the driest skin. While calming and moisturizing the skin, this product restores the skin's comfort, and regenerates softness and radiance. It works to relieve tightness, reduce redness, and improve the overall complexion, leaving your skin undeniably hydrated and smooth. Lotion PG Toner promotes healthy circulation and skin coloring. It refreshes, tones and purifies the skin with a matte finish. Energizes the skin and spirit with a tantalizing and uplifting scent that is totally addictive. The skin appears clear, radiant
DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask 4oz
: $40.00
Sale Price: $36.50
Alcohol-Free Toning Lotion soothes sensitive and reactive skin types with Botanical Essential Oils. Refreshes, tones and energizes the skin and spirit. Humectant properties provide intense hydration to tired skin. The tantalizing and uplifting aromatic sc What it is: A serum designed to instantly refine the appearance of pores and improve the look of pores over time. What it is formulated to do: Visibly reduce the size and appearance of pores with this powerful, mattifying serum. Lentil seed extract helps support the pore wall, making pores less apparent, while salicylic acid helps remove build-up of dead cells around the pore wall, brightening their darkened appearance. Natural bamboo extract helps absorb excess oil and control shine for a soft-touch finish. DDF’s #1 acne product. DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask (Sulfur 10% Acne Treatment) is a clay mask with sulfur and purified clays to absorb oil and help keep pores clear. (4.0 oz) Clears blemishes Absorbs oil Helps keep pores clear "Sulfur is great to use as an active ingredient for acne, as it has a different mechanism to the commonly used Salicylic Acid. Sulfur works by causing infecred skin to dry up faster than usual; it then exfoliates to remove it. If you are currently using other ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid but seeing limited results - consider adding this to you regimen to see a real difference." - Annie Spencer, DDF R&D Specialist