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DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel 6oz
: $39.00
Sale Price: $33.25
DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser 6.7oz
: $39.00
Sale Price: $34.25
A treatment with an active acne inhibitor to reduce the number and severity of acne blemishes. Controls and treats acne Decongests pores Helps prevent new blemishes. Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel is a gentle water-activated sudsing cleanser for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Ideal for individuals who like the feeling of soap and water without drying. Leaves soothing hydration to alleviate the feeling of tightness and/or dryness after washing. Aloe & glycerin enriched Gently cleanses A gentle foaming cleanser to remove oil without over-drying. Excellent for normal or oily skin types. Helps prevent acne blemishes Helps keep pores clear Removes excess oil
DDF Brightening Cleanser 6oz
: $39.00
Sale Price: $34.25
DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask 4oz
: $40.00
Sale Price: $36.50
Brightening Cleanser has a blend of six natural skin brighteners in a foaming glycolic and salicylic gel to help noticeably minimize uneven skin tone and target age spots. Excellent for face and body as part of an overall hyperpigmentation program. Also effective in helping minimize post blemish discoloration. Licorice scent. Evens skin tone Smoothes texture DDFs #1 acne product. DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask (Sulfur 10% Acne Treatment) is a clay mask with sulfur and purified clays to absorb oil and help keep pores clear. (4.0 oz) Clears blemishes Absorbs oil Helps keep pores clear "Sulfur is great to use as an active ingredient for acne, as it has a different mechanism to the commonly used Salicylic Acid. Sulfur works by causing infecred skin to dry up faster than usual; it then exfoliates to remove it. If you are currently using other ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid but seeing limited results - consider adding this to you regimen to see a real difference." - Annie Spencer, DDF R&D Specialist An oil, fragrance, and dye-free moisturizer for all skin types, including acne-prone skin. Contains aloe vera, vitamins A, E and C, and grapeseed for comfortable hydration. Will not clog pores. Lanolin-free. Absorbs quickly Fragrance-free Replenishes moisture 1.67 oz (47.3 g)
DDF Glycolic Toning Complex 6oz
: $43.00
Sale Price: $37.50
DDF Mattifying Oil Control SPF 15 1.7oz
: $44.00
Sale Price: $38.75
Glycolic Toning Complex is formulated with glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid known to help increase surface cellular turnover. Promotes clarity and immediately revitalizes skin's appearance. Minimizes appearance of wrinkle lines Refines skin texture Visibly decreases look of pore size A fragrance-free daily moisturizer that helps protect from future UV damage. Lightweight, comfortable, non-greasy feel. Moisturizes Protects Fragrance-free Instantly controls shine Mattifies imperfections Helps protect from UVA/UVB sun damage
DDF Acne Control Treatment 1.7oz
: $46.00
Sale Price: $40.25
Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying medication. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with 1 application daily, then gradually increase to 2 or 3 times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day. Fights and controls acne Helps keep pores clear Soothes and restores clarity This formula blocks 97% of UVB rays and helps defend skin from harmful UV exposure that can lead to lines, wrinkles and rough texture. Enriched with antioxidants that include Grapeseed and Vitamins A, C and E, Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator UV Moisturizer SPF 45 helps minimize free radical damage to the skin�s surface and helps provide a more youthful-looking appearance. Antioxidant enriched Broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection Hydrates for 8 continuous hours Blocks 97% of UVB rays Oil-free Fragrance-free Deeply cleanses and exfoliates while providing significant hydration. The advanced formula contains a breakthrough Turmeric Complex with exfoliating rice bran to reveal beautifully smooth and youthful-looking skin. Accelerates surface cell turnover Eliminates impurities Reveals beautifully smooth skin
DDF Revolve Professional 500X Refill Kit
: $54.00
Sale Price: $48.25
DDF Nourishing Eye Cream 0.5oz
: $55.00
Sale Price: $48.75
Refill kit for DDF Revolve Professional 500X A treatment with an active blemish inhibitor and 10% Glycolic acid to help minimize the look of fine lines while refining skin's texture. Minimizes appearance of fine lines Clears and helps prevent acne blemishes Visibly reduces pores An ultra-rich, easily absorbed eye cream that helps restore moisture loss to the delicate eye area. Restores Moisture Contains Vitamins A, C, E, Bs & Green Tea
DDF Protective Eye Cream SPF 15 0.5oz
: $55.00
Sale Price: $48.75
A lustrous, lightweight daytime eye treatment fortified with essential fatty acids and humectants to moisturize and help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Broad spectrum SPF helps protect the fragile eye area from future UV damage. An ultra-rich brightening moisturizer that helps reverse the look of discoloration for beautifully even skin-tone. Its formula, with Micro-Radiance Complex, hydrates to reduce the look of melanin build-up deep within the skins surface to help reduce the appearance of discoloration. Helps reverse the look of discoloration Reduces the appearance of melanin build-up Visibly evens skin tone This facial moisturizer contains a potent Micro-Radiance Complex and diminishes the look of discoloration for even, translucent, healthy looking skin. Also contains SPF 15 to help protect from UVA/UVB damage and future hyperpigmentation. Helps correct the look of discoloration Helps prevent future hyperpigmentation with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection Evens skin tone for visible radiance
DDF Amplifying Elixir 1.7oz
: $75.00
Sale Price: $68.25
DDF Bio-Moisture Eye Serum 0.5oz
: $91.00
Sale Price: $82.75
Amplifying Elixir contains a potent blend of hand-selected ingredients, including Banyan leaf, Lotus flower and Red Clover extracts, and actually boosts your skin care routine to improve hydration. In fact when used with regimens from the top three professional skin care brands*, DDF Amplifying Elixir was shown to strengthen skin's moisture barrier by up to 50%, transforming skin's appearance for lasting change Immediate gratification with long-term results for younger, more flawless looking skin. Continuously refines fine lines and wrinkles. Instantly reduces appearance of pores A proprietary complex of proteins and peptides combined with DNA precursors and antioxidants to restore a youthful looking eye contour. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and helps to improve tone and firmness. Firms & lifts Minimizes appearanceof wrinkles Restores moisture
DDF Retinol Energizing Moisturizer 1.7oz
: $91.00
Sale Price: $82.75
DDF Advanced Firming Cream 1.7oz
: $130.00
Sale Price: $112.00
DDF Revolve Professional 500X
: $139.00
Sale Price: $119.75
Contains a potent form of Vitamin A in combination with Omega-3 essential fatty acids and humectants to help recondition skin for firmer, more youthful-appearing skin tone and texture. Visibly firms Minimizes appearance of fine lines Hydrates to measurably improve skin firmness. The advanced formula contains a breakthrough Turmeric Complex to protect skin's surface from free radical damage and provide superior hydration to strengthen skin's moisture barrier. DDF Advanced Firming Cream helps reverse the appearance of aging, instantly firming and tightening skin for a radiant, younger-looking complexion. Neutralizes 82% of free radicals to minimize surface damage Instantly firms and tightens Fortifies skin's moisture barrier (1.7 oz.) Personalized dermatologist-grade Microdermabrasion and Deep Cleansing System for Radiant Skin every day. Improves 5 traits of healthy-looking skin in just 1 minute: Fine lines, skin tone, pores, smoothness, brightness Superior 360 degree rotation technology to cleanse 6X more effectively than your hands 2X better than the leading oscillating system As gentle as your hands and suitable for all skin types